PHSP Claim Process

A simple and efficient claim process, because your time is valuable. Another reason to choose navancorp.

Step 1 - Pay

Employee (Plan Member) receives medical service:

  • Pays for medical expenses out of pocket

  • Obtains original receipt(s) from medical service provider

Step 2 - Claim

Employee (Plan Member) then:

  • Completes the navancorp PHSP claim form

  • Attaches the original receipt(s)

  • Submits claim form and receipts to the Employer for submission

Step 3 - Submit

Employer (Plan Owner) sends the following to navancorp:

  • Completed navancorp PHSP claim form

  • Original medical expense receipts

  • Business cheque or electronic transfer to cover cost: medical expense + administrative fee + taxes

Step 4 - Reimburse

navancorp then:

  • Fully reviews every claim item for eligibility and compliance in accordance with current CRA tax rules

  • Provides the employee with tax-free reimbursement of the medical expense incurred, usually in as little as 5 days from receipt

  • Provides the Employer with a tax receipt for the total expense to claim as a valid business deduction.


Use the navancorp PHSP Claim Forms below to claim eligible medical expenses.


To use the Fillable PDF's, please save, and then open local copy. After completing your claim, save again in order to facilitate future entries.




Claim Form 


NFLD & Labrador

Claim Form 





Claim Form 

Payment Options
Claim Forms

It is important to always use the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a reference point.


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