Private Health Services Plan

If you do, then a navancorp Private Health Spending Account could be right for you!

Even if you have existing medical/dental coverage through a spouse/partner’s plan, a navancorp PHSP can help you keep more of your money in your pocket by covering the expenses that are not covered by your other plan, including the co-pay amounts and those costs which go above your current annual maximums.

An incorporated small business owner or independent contractor in Canada?

Interested in significant tax savings? 

Someone whose household spends more than $1,000 a year on health/dental expenses?

Looking for ways to reduce your annual health/dental expenses? 

Do you answer Yes to the following?

No Monthly Premiums


There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. Use your navancorp PHSP as often as you like. Your business only pays when you submit a claim to us.

Pay Less Tax


100% of the costs associated with your navancorp PHSP are funded by your Business using pre-tax money and are fully 100% deductible as Business expenses.

Non-taxable Benefits

All approved health claims submitted through your navancorp PHSP are a non-taxable benefit to you and your Employees.